Shopping & My Handiwork

Mom and I decided to go on a shopping trip yesterday. That bucket list idea really had me motivated. 🙂 We got a lot of groceries, and I got some great stuff for my bedroom, my classroom, and just to be crafty. Here’s some of the stuff we scored:

1. The cutest reading center monkey I ever did see! SO good for my Wild About Kinder theme. His name is Mason Monkey. Presh.

Mason Monkey2. Three books! One is a nice photo-filled nonfiction called Space. There’s a mix and match Safari animals book that would be fun for kinders to look at. The last one is my favorite. It’s a height chart covered with wild animals! Totally going to track their height over the school year to show how much they grew. Too cool.

BOOKS GALORE!3. My very own beginners herb garden. I picked the one with basil, cilantro, and parsley because those are the most useful herbs. We’ll find out if I actually have a green-thumb.

Image4. Crafty things. We’re going to make that menu board, so we had to get some supplies for it. Also, I got some Leopard print duct tape so that I can decorate some WHISPER PHONES I want to make out of PVC pipe this summer. 

Image5. What color should I make my accent wall? Right now it’s an ocean blue color. Thoughts?

Image6. Last but not least, I bought a shelving unit!! It’s one of those awesome ClosetMaid ones that’s 12 cubes. I assembled it last night and this afternoon. It’s wonderful and I love it. Yes, that is an Ireland flag behind it — from Ireland! 🙂 I also got some under-the-bed storage bins and 4 clear shoebox bins. I love storing things neatly.


That’s all for an update on my summer so far! What do you think? I love to read your comments.

Have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Ms. A


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  1. Heather's Heart

    Mason Monkey is adorable! I love your storage shelf too!

    I hope your new classroom has lots of storage! =)

    Heather’s Heart

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