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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow! This week has been crazy. Thursday I got the opportunity to go to a TCEA conference in Southeast Texas to learn more about the iPad. The school in which I’ll be working allowed me to borrow one of their iPads for it! I got to play with the iPad for 4 hours straight 🙂 Some of the apps that I’m LOVING for kindergarten are:

ImageHungry Fish: I love this game because it can be adjusted for any age, really. Students that understand the basics of addition can practice their skills while more advanced kids can feed their hungry fish harder addition sums! It’s even fun for me, and I’m an adult!

ImageFutaba: THIS IS TOO ADDICTING! I love that it can be up to four players. The object of this word game is to pick the word that matches the picture. This can be for older kinders and even first graders. The competition makes it fun because they have to pick the word before anyone else does. And they can’t just click all four options. You’re only allowed one shot at the guess or you can’t get the point. Three futabas wins! LOVE. Especially for ESL kids. 🙂

ImageSentence Maker: This can seem a little basic, but it’s a great app. It’d be wonderful for centers where they can hear the person reading to them. They hear a sentence and drag the words to the appropriate places. It’d be good for vocabulary expansion and for phonics understanding.

I’ll post more about the apps I’m loving once I try out more. The iPad is truly addicting, and it is a fantastic invention!

In other news, I made the menu board I’ve been dreaming of! This is my first ever Pinterest DIY project I’ve completed. I’ve done recipes before, but never a craft! Soooo, without further ado…Here is my completed MENU BOARD! ❤




Sorry it’s so photo heavy! I love this board. Mom and I made 40 dinner cards on a Word document with pretty fonts. A fun time was had all around, and now it’s hung in our kitchen looking marvelous! I know it’s not kinder related, but it’s how I spent my weekend! Oh, and today my family and I went to Landry’s for dinner. Can you say YUM?!

What crafts have you made from Pinterest?

Any others I should try?

As always, thank you for stopping by! Leave me a comment with your answer to those questions!

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